Mark Reid™ Signature Brushes: NEW! Item # 8MR 
Mark Reid Signature Brushes were created to the exact specifications of world famous face & body artist and instructor Mark Reid. The bristles are a beautiful two- tone nylon, incased in a sturdy brass ferrule which is coated black for an attractive appearance and function. The custom-shaped wooden handles are urethane coated for durability and designed for the professional artist. An important feature is the precisely angled end on each handle which is designed to help gently move any unwanted strands of hair or accessory off of the “canvas” without smudging the art work by touching the model with fingers.

Mark Reid Signature Brushes

Product Code: 8MR

Paradise Makeup AQ - Brushes

Product Code: PAQBRUSH

Makeup brushes designed for use the Paradise Makeup AQ. 6 Styles to choose from. Price range.

810 Super Fine Point
812 1/8 Flat Versatile
813 Fine Round
814 Medium Round
815 Bold Round
816 Wide Chisel
818 Petal Tip
820 Wide Foam Smoothy
830 Body Chisel

Years of research has gone into this bottle of Mehron Makeup Remover Lotion. This amazing makeup remover breaks down Professional Cream Makeup used by Professional Performers yet leaves the skin feeling incredibly soft and subtle. Mehron Makeup Remover Lotion is found on the dressing room tables of Broadway Theaters and in the dressing room trailers of major motion pictures because it is trusted to gently yet thoroughly remove all kinds of makeup while leaving the skin fresh and smooth. Mehron, Leaders in Theatrical Makeup since 1927, has been trusted by Stars for decades, now you too can have the same star treatment Makeup Remover Lotion by Mehron.

Mehron Makeup Remover Lotion

Product Code: 199

Perfect Your Skills. 
Run out of willing faces? We have the answer – Mehron’s Face Painting Practice Head. Guaranteed to hold still, not rub his or her eyes and never run out of patience. This professional quality, washable practice head is the ideal learning tool to perfect face painting basics, practice specific techniques, test new makeup products and create your own unique designs.

Practice Head

Product Code: HEAD

You will see the difference when you buy professional quality makeup like Mehron's Liquid Makeup, the colors are richer, the texture smoother, it lasts much longer and applying it should be easier. Just as the right tool for the job makes any job easier, the right makeup applicator will enable a smooth application with even coverage at the same depth. The Foam"Hydra" Sponge Applicator by Mehron has been newly improved to have a smooth, pliable surface for an even application of Liquid Makeup. The easy to squeeze Foam "Hydra" Sponge Applicator allows for complete control and flexibility without absorbing makeup. Cleaning up is easy with soap and water. Wash your Foam "Hydra" Sponge Applicator after applying makeup and you will extend the life of your Foam "Hydra" Sponge Applicator. When buying beautiful professional makeup, treat yourself to some easy to use, easy to clean,  professional sponge makeup applicators.

Foam "Hydra" Sponge Applicator

Product Code: 121

Paradise Makeup AQ Foam Applicator

Product Code: 821

Brush Holder

Product Code: NBH-01

Protect your brushes and keep them  looking like new in this convenient holder. Stands upright on your makeup table. (Does not include brushes)

Mehron Brush Treatment is a great way to keep your natural and synthetic brushes clean, deodorized and sanitized. Brush Treatment liquid removes makeup from your brushes while sanitizing and keeping the bristles of the brushes in detail working shape. You need your Makeup Brushes to maintain a perfect shape to apply a perfect Makeup Application. Brush Treatment is the way to keep your brushes looking and feeling like new. Brush Treatment will extend the life of your brushes when used regularly after Makeup Applications. Removes makeup and leaves the brushes deodorized. 4.5 oz.

Brush Cleaner

Product Code: 300


Product Code: 354

Ad Gem is a safe, LATEX-FREE adhesive to use for all body decoration. This LATEX-FREE adhesive is a water based acrylic formula that is safe and comfortable providing the perfect amount of hold for Glitters, Jewels and other cosmetic accessories. Ad Gem is in liquid form when dispensed from the tube and quickly changes to a rubber-like consistency when it is exposed to the air. Ad Gem is unique for its super strength grab that never lets go, even after a long night on the town or a long day on the set. Ad Gem has excellent water and moisture resistance. AVAILABLE IN CONVENIENT 0.125 oz TUBE WITH 12 RHINESTONES OR PROFESSIONAL SIZE 0.5 OZ BOTTLE.

Barrier Spray™ was developed as an under base for 3-D Gelatin appliances to increase durability. Barrier Spray™ by Mehron is "wonder spray" that also works to insulate sensitive skin from harsh adhesives. Barrier Spray™   may be misted on top of finished powder makeup to set and preserve the makeup application. Barrier Spray™ can be used under makeup to stop sweat or over makeup to set it after applying ColorSet Powder. Barrier Spray™ is another innovation of Mehron, Premier Performance Makeup.   2 oz. Spray Pump Bottle

Barrier Spray

Product Code: 145



Paradise makeup AQ - Prisma Brush

Product Code: 841

Leave it to the Premier Performance Makeup Company to research and develop a Soothing Oil Free Moisturizing Lotion that leaves your skin silky smooth without an oily residue. This proprietary blend of quality ingredients was researched and developed for the Professional Performer whose skin is in need of a Soothing Oil Free Moisturizing Lotion after working in make up under the lights of stage and sets. Mehron developed this soothing preparation of oil free moisture lotion with the Professional in mind, however, it is a soothing lotion for everyone and can be used day after day without clogging pores. Try something different a Soothing Oil Free Moisturizing Lotion by Mehron, Leaders in Theatrical Makeup since 1927. This is the perfect lotion to apply after removing makeup, and because it is oil free it can be used to protect the skin before makeup is applied.

Xtra Gentle Eye Area Makeup Remover Treatment

Product Code: 198

Mehron has made the ultimate in eye makeup remover. This specially formulated Xtra Gentle Eye Area Makeup Remover Treatment has been researched by Mehron to be gentle on the sensitive skin around your eyes but is effective enough to thoroughly clean all eye makeup. Xtra Gentle Eye Area Makeup Remover Treatment is tough and gentle at the same time, removing eye makeup while soothing your skin. This gentle eye makeup remover removes any brand of eye makeup and cleans the skin around your eyes with a formula that nourishes the sensitive skin around your eyes for a clean, fresh, soothing feeling after hours of wearing eye makeup. Don't wait another day try Xtra Gentle Eye Area Makeup Remover Treatment by Mehron today and see the difference a Professional Eye Makeup Remover can make in the texture of your skin!

Makeup Remover Cream Treatment

Product Code: 101

Order Make-Up Remover Cream Treatment manufactured in the U.S.A. by Mehron. Mehron Make-Up Remover Cream Treatment has been used for decades by mimes and clowns to remove their grease painted faces after a long performance. Mehron Make-Up Remover Cream Treatment has been expertly formulated to have quick penetrating properties that will non-abrasively remove cream and grease paint makeup. This fine cleansing cream treats your skin to a moisturizing treatment while you easily remove even the heaviest of makeup applications. Professional Performers have relied on Mehron Make-Up Cream Treatment to remove their Theatrical Makeup for decades. Mehron, the Leaders in Theatrical Makeup since 1927 provides the makeup to the stars just like you.

Stipple Sponge Applicator

Product Code: 124-C

This open weave, textured sponge is used to create beard stubble for the Tramp/Hobo Clown. Put a small amount of makeup on the sponge and “dab” in place leaving a beard stubble effect. Also, excellent for blending makeup. 3/pk

Powder Puff Applicator

Product Code: 123

Our professional quality Powder Puff Applicator is used to "press" Coloset Setting Powderfirmly into cream makeup. The Powder Puff Applicator evenly distributes all kinds of powders. Professional Makeup Artists use this smooth Powder Puff Applicator to set their cream makeup, including Color Cups and Tri-Color Palettes by Mehron with an application of setting powder. Mehron believes you need the right tool for the job and offer you this professionalPowder Puff Applicator to complete your job professionally.

Natural Sea Sponge Applicator

Product Code: 122

Our Natural Sea Sponge Applicator is a great reusable makeup applicator for Mehron's StarBlend Cake Makeup. This Natural Sea Sponge Applicator prevents streaking when applying cake type makeup. Natural Sea Foam Sponge Applicators are the choice of Certified Makeup Artists because it is easily cleaned with soap and water and returns to its natural shape and texture time after time. The right tool is important to complete the job right. The Natural Sea Foam Applicator is the tool of choice by professionals for applying cake makeup. This reasonably priced makeup applicator is perfect for multiple uses because it can be completely cleaned in between uses.

Latex Foam Sponge Applicator

Product Code: 121-L

A smooth, closed cell foam sponge for applying cream makeup. Provides a complete and even application. 6/pk

Paradise Makeup AQ's new pre cut teal sponge will load your makeup with ease and give your design a smooth satin finish.

Makeup artists rave about this Magic Sponge!!! 
Introducing FACE SMOOTHIE, the most unique and innovative Make Up Applicator of 2011. Face Smoothie’s unique acorn shape makes application foolproof by allowing you to access hard-to-reach areas with unbelievable ease. Its soft texture is gentle to the touch and its smart curves fit the contours of your face, leaving your make up flawless and undetectable. Face Smoothie is latex free, non-allergenic, odor free and more importantly affordable. Get an airbrush look by applying any cream or liquid foundation with the Face Smoothie.

Face Smoothie Sponge

Product Code: 122FS

Mehron's Face Kabuki is the newest addition to beauty products MUST HAVE!! This gentle round brush works incredibly well with our Celebre Pro-HD™ Pressed Powder foundations and Celebre Pro-HD™ Loose Mineral Finishing Powders. Made of hand-tied goat hair, this ultra-soft brush is ideal for applying any loose or pressed powders. The Face Kabuki is extremely gentle on the skin while giving your skin an ultra fresh, clean, flawless finish.

Face Kabuki Brush

Product Code: 350

Our Water & Brush Holder collapses to less than 1” flat when folded. The interior is lined with heavy gauge plastic to hold water for cleaning your brushes in between colors. The attractive black nylon cover has 6 convenient spots to hold your brushes. A must for all face and body artists. (Does not include brushes)

Brush/Water Holder

Product Code: NWH-01

Why carry all your brushes when all you truly need are your 6 favorite brushes that gives you fabulous results. Mehron's new Mini Makeup Brush set is perfect for the makeup artist on the go who needs his/her essential makeup brushes in one small compartment! Perfect for traveling and fits nicely in your party bag!

Mini Brush Kit

Product Code: 366

The Leader in Professional Makeup Innovation since 1927

Our Stageline Golden Nylon Makeup Brushes are the right tool for the job. TheseProfessional Makeup Brushes developed and distributed by Mehron are designed for the Professional Makeup Artist but are affordable so that anyone can use our Professional Makeup Application Brushes. These Stageline Golden Nylon Makeup Brushes are made in a variety of sizes and tips for all forms of makeup application. The nylon bristles of the Stageline Golden Nylon Makeup Brushes are flexible but easy to control and clean. These nylon bristle brushes will last years with proper cleaning and storage. The fine nylon bristles ofStageline Golden Nylon Makeup Brushes are securely anchored into their handle to prevent shedding and disfiguration. Try a Professional Makeup Brush today and see what a difference the right tool can make!
1/4 inch Angled
1/4 inch Flat End
1/8 inch Flat End:
3/16 inch Flat End:
3/8 inch Flat End:
5/16 inch Angled:
5/16 inch Flat End:
5   Fine Point Detail:
Sable Shadow Brush:

Stageline Golden Nylon Makeup Brushes

Product Code: 310 - 320

Xtra Gentle Eye Area Makeup Remover Treatment

Product Code: 197

"E"nriched Cold Cream Treatment

Product Code: 100

Mehron “E”nriched Cold Cream Treatment is a uniquely formulated Cold Creamcontaining mineral oil and infused with Vitamin E so that it is gentle on your skin, yet is able to quickly remove cream and grease makeup. When you use Mehron’s “E”nriched Cold Cream Treatment to remove cream and grease makeup, you are also treating your skin with a softening and smoothing application of Vitamin E. Although Mehron “E”nriched Cold Cream Treatment can be found in the dressing rooms of Broadway and in the makeup rooms of major motion pictures it also belongs on your dressing room table.  Made in the  USA by Mehron, the Leading Performance Makeup manufacturer. "E"nriched Cold Cream Treatment is made with the same exacting standards as all the Makeup that Mehron produces without animal testing. Try the Cold Cream that the Performers of the world trust everyday to remove their makeup safely and easily while keeping their skin smooth and soft. Choose the size that is right for you, Mehron "E"nriched Cold Cream Treatment is available in both a 4 oz and 16 oz jar.

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Prisma BlendSet Brushes are unsurpassed in quality. They are fabricated to the exact design specifications of world famous face & body artist and instructor, Jinny – Makeup Artiste with our Prisma BlendSet’s in mind. They are presented with custom length acrylic handles, durable ferrules and extra full luxurious bristles precisely cut, for smooth consistent results. Available in 2 sizes. (Large 1 inch and medium 3/4 inch)