12 Color Celebre Pro HD – Most Popular shades of Celebre Pro HD in a Lightweight ECO Friendly Packaging that is ultra portable.  Includes shades: LT1, LT2, LT4, ME1, ME3, ME4, MD1, MD2, MD4, D1, D3, & D4

Celebre Pro-HD Cream - Contour & Highlight Palette - 12 Shades

Product Code: 201-PD-CH

CHEEK Cream 0.3oz

Product Code: 104

Colorful, Smooth and Long Lasting cheeks are applied with CHEEK Creams by Mehron. The Makeup Experts at Mehron have developed this super creamy CHEEK Creams that can be used as a blusher using their 80 years of experience producing Makeup for the Performers. CHEEK Creams are concentrated, making them easy to use for highlighting, contouring and lining the beauty of your cheeks. Don't hide your cheeks, accent their natural beauty with the effervescent colors of CHEEK Creams by Mehron. These CHEEK Creams are made to provide a smooth application over cream and cake bases. .3oz

CHEEK Powder is a Mehron Exclusive. This highly concentrated matte pigmentation formulation was researched and developed by Mehron to provide rich, vibrant color using very little product. CHEEK Powder is currently available in 9 beautiful fashionable colors to accent all of today's cutting edge fashions. CHEEK Powder may be applied by itself or with Cake Makeup or Cream Makeup. CHEEK Powder is also available in 8 color palettes.

Mehron EYE Makeup

Mehron’s INtense PRO™ Pressed Pigments are super long-lasting matte finish shadows that are edgy, bright, and sophisticated. Our pigment rich, high-performing shadows offer an essential range of intense hues and a velvety matte texture. Formulated without shimmer, these completely matte shades have an incredible silky finish which allows for amazing color payoff. 

Available in 32 individual colors and also in the following INtense Pro 8 color palettes
Earth - includes the colors: Red Earth, Desert Sand, Earth Crust, Mountain Moss, Carbon, Graphite, Night Sky, and Morning Sky 
Wind - includes the colors: Hurricane Blue, Island Breeze, Palm, Turbulent, Tornado, Solar Wind, Ocean Breeze, and Tropical Storm 
Fire - includes the colors: Ignite, Purple Heat, Fire Island, Electric Green, Pure Lightening, Hot Pink, Inferno, and Yellow Spark.

Celebre Pro-HD Loose Mineral Finishing Powder (Loose Powder)

Product Code: 215

Celebre Pro-HD Loose Mineral Powder is the perfect luxurious matte finishing powder that perfectly compliments both Celebré Pro-HD™ Cream and Powder foundations. Made of French delaminated talc that is transparent, offering no whitening, keeping your colors bright and true. It improves slip and adhesion and offers lubricity. This ultra-fine powder provides the finishing touch that perfects and sets makeup for a healthy, flawless coverage. This Multi-mineral Complex promotes the body’s vigor and skin moisturization and prevents the skin from dehydrating while providing flexibility and softness to skin.

Celebre Pro-HD Loose Mineral Powder is offered in 3 convenient shades to compliment all skin tones. Translucent, Light/Medium and Medium/Dark. It gives just enough color without compromising the color of foundations on skin.

Mehron has formulated an incredible new Touch-Up Matte Finishing Anti Shine Gel which removes shine instantly. The tubes of Touch-Up Matte Finishing Anti Shine Gel come in Dark Tint, Medium Tint and Light Tint. Just a dab of Touch-Up Matte Finishing Anti Shine Gel removes the shine from makeup instantly.

The Touch-Up Matte Finishing Anti Shine Gel is one of the tricks that makeup artist keep in their bag for their on camera performers. This translucent formula develop exclusively by Mehron. Leaders in Theatrical Makeup since 1927, removes the shine with just a dab.

Touch-Up Matte Finishing Anti-Shine

Product Code: 134-L

Velvet Finish Primer Serum is the result of intensive research by the Mehron Team. Realizing that Vitamin C is a powerful anti-oxidant but not a stable ingredient in skin care products, the researchers and chemists at Mehron got to work and formulated a fully stabilized Vitamin C Complex that resists normal breakdown from air, heat and moisture.Of course the world renowned makeup folks at Mehron didn't stop with just a Vitamin C serum, they added Aloe Vera Extract and Vitamin E to their complex Vitamin C formula to give Velvet Finish Primer Serum the ability to heal, soothe, and hydrate the skin. The proprietary formula of New! Velvet Finish Primer Serum creates a smooth even skin texture which can be worn alone or under a Mehron foundation, such as Mehron's Celebré Professional Make-Up.

Use Velvet Finish Primer Serum everyday to combat the effects of pollution and aging. The powerful antioxidant formula of Velvet Finish Primer Serum helps increase production of collagen and decreases the look of fine lines and pigmentation that are the result of aging.

Mehron Makeup Base

Renowned industry makeup artists worked with the experts at Mehron to create an impressive array of colors to accommodate all skin tones. The results of their efforts is a perfect range of colors that will be sold individually for consumers or in a 20 color palette for professional makeup artists.  From fashion runways and HD-TV to everyday wear, Celebré Pro-HD works for every occasion and on all skin types and colors.

Celebré Pro HD Make-Up 20 Color Palette

Product Code: 201-PD-A

Mehron CHEEK Makeup

Mascara Pro

Product Code: 209-B

CreamBlend Stick Makeup (Stick Foundation)

Product Code: 400

Available in 4 color: 

      Saffron,         ​Light/Medium     Medium/Dark      Translucent       

ProColoRing Neutralizer

Product Code: 505N

Created to meet our rigorous standards and your artistic demands, the ProColoRing™ Neutralizer offers consistent, creamy coverage. Based on the color wheel principle, any underlying skin tones or discolorations can be neutralized using these five colors: Lilac Suede, Mint Buff, Tawny Amber, Soft Peach and Fawn Pink. Unlike traditional neutralizing products, we have used skin tones in our formulation to avoid whiteness in the base.

Apply Neautralizer under base makeup. Put the appropriate color to neutralize troubled areas. To correct redness - apply Mint Buff. For sallow or yellow undertones - use Lilac Suede. To correct blue and blue/red complexions - apply Tawny Amber. As skin shades may vary, try different colors for the best results. Set with Colorset Powder before application of any base color. Remove with makeup remover followed by soap and water.

Note: The base should be applied by patting. If the applicator is dragged across the Neutralizer, it may pull against the color and remove it.

The Leader in Professional Makeup Innovation since 1927

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Glosstone PRO

Product Code: 226

L.I.P Day Palette

L.I.P Night Palette

L.I.P Color Cream .3oz

Product Code: 103N

The intensely rich colors of L.I.P. Cream are on the cutting edge of extreme fashion Makeup. The lavishly exciting colors of L.I.P. Cream offers full long lasting coverage with a built in hydrating cream to keep your lips smooth and supple. L.I.P. Cream is made using a creamy conditioning formula developed specially by Mehron. Yes, the hottest color trends made with a creamy, hydrating, luscious formula to protect your lips and highlight them all at the same time! L.I.P. Cream is available in 16 individual shades or in 2 color palettes, Day & Night to accent any skin tone. Make your lips kissable soft and creamy with Mehron L.I.P. Cream.

CHEEK Cream ( 8 Palettes Color)

Product Code: 104N-PAL

Precious Gem Powder .17oz

Product Code: 203

Shine on with Celebre Precious Gem Powders developed by Mehron, Innovators of Extreme Beauty Makeup. Celebre Precious Gem Powders are luminescent, radiant, sexy,glowing powders that will add a jewel like luster to your skin. these sparkling powders are made with a soft, silky powder that can be applied from head to tow for any occasion. Add a beautiful shimmer to skin for parties, dinners, professional performances or romantic evenings at home. Celebre Precious Gem Powders are Mehron's addition to their Studio and Stage Makeup Collection line made for stars like you. These silky, soft powders are available in birthstone colors. Available in 17 colors.

LIGHT                                                       MEDIUM                                                                     MEDIUM-DARK                                                   DARK

Celebre Pro-HD Pressed Powder .35oz

Product Code: 210

Mehron, the extreme beauty leader, is proud to introduce Celebré PRO-HD Pressed Powder.  Following the successful launch of Celebre Pro-HD™ Cream foundation, Celebre Pro-HD™ Pressed Powder is born. Celebre Pro-HD™ Pressed Powder is the latest innovative, oil-free and fragrance free powder makeup that delivers satin-smooth, buildable coverage that is great for all skin types. It contains powerful antioxidants such as vitamin E, pomegranate and aloe vera that help soothe the skin. Its superior actives provide an ultimate moisturizing effects on skin. Renowned industry makeup artists worked with the experts at Mehron to create an impressive array of colors to accommodate all skin tones. From fashion runways and HD-TV to everyday wear, Celebré Pro-HD™ Pressed Powder works for every occasion and on all skin types and colors.

​Available in 16 colors.

Mehron, the extreme beauty leader, is proud to introduce Celebré PRO-HD Makeup Foundation.  This latest innovative product is the result of collaborative efforts by the chemists in Mehron’s product development lab along with input from a select group of highly acclaimed makeup artists.  Celebré PRO-HD Makeup Foundation is an oil-free and fragrance-free cream makeup that delivers satin-smooth, buildable coverage that is non-greasy and great for all skin types. Our experienced chemists formulated Celebré PRO-HD to be buildable to suit the amount of coverage needed.  It contains powerful antioxidants such as vitamin E, pomegranate and aloe vera that help soothe the skin.

Renowned industry makeup artists worked with the experts at Mehron to create an impressive array of colors to accommodate all skin tones. The results of their efforts is a perfect range of colors that will be sold individually for consumers or in a 20 color palette for professional makeup artists.  From fashion runways and HD-TV to everyday wear, Celebré Pro-HD works for every occasion and on all skin types and colors. 

Mehron HD Makeup

ProColoRing Concealer

Product Code: 505C

Order CHEEK Powder 8 Color Palette this exclusive blend of pressed powder infused with a highly concentrated matte pigmentation formula developed at the Mehronresearch facilities will provide you with a natural glow.  The sheerness of the powder combined with the rich vibrant color selection makes CHEEK Powder the preeminent powder blush available on the market today.  Celebré Professional Pressed Powder Blushers will wear long because it is manufactured by the Leader in Theatrical Makeup, Mehron. Celebré Professional Pressed Powder Blusher 8 Color Palette contains the rich colors of; TropiCoral, Rosewood, Mocha, Contour, Mojave, Pale Peach, Just Peachy, Bold Red.

CHEEK Powder Palette 8 Color 

Product Code: 202-PAL

Our exclusive E.Y.E Powder Eye Shadow is made with our creamy powder blend that feels velvety smooth. This matte E.Y.E Powder Eye Shadow is part of our Extreme Beauty Makeup line Because of the proprietary blend of silky smooth powders that we have developed through our research these matte eye shadows won't cake or crease. Currently E.Y.E Powder Eye Shadow is available in eight exciting, fashion colors to create dynamic, sexy and dramatic eyes everyday and for Stage and Screen Productions. Try our E.Y.E Powder Eye Shadow and you will never go back to plain old eye shadows again.

CreamBlend Stick is a highly pigmented, refined cream makeup containing vitamins and antioxidants. CreamBlend Stick does not contain the petrolatum base often found in traditional “greasepaint” makeup. Available in a variety of colors including a wide range of skin tones plus primary colors, black and white.

Application: CreamBlend makeup allows for greater flexibility in blending and mixing colors and stands up well under extreme lighting conditions. Set with Colorset Powder if desired. Remove with makeup remover followed by soap and water.

Celebre HD Pro Cream Make Up .9oz ( HD Foundation)

Product Code: 201

Mehron ProColorRing Concealer was developed to correct any shadows or dark circles on the face or body of performers when performing under the lights. The creamy formula of Mehron's ProColorRing Concealer guarantees maximum coverage; the five new colors can be blended to accommodate every skin tone. This is an essential tool for Makeup Artists to have with them when doing makeup for photo shoots, music videos, film work or theather makeup. Mehron's ProColorRing Concealer is made to accomplish a natural cover by blending the colors and achieving the perfect hue of the performer's skin color without looking the cover up.

Concealer can be used on top of or underneath base makeup. Just pat onto the areas you wish to cover. It can also be used as a highlighter (under the eye, above the cheekbone, etc) Set with Colorset Powder. Remove with makeup remover followed by soap and water.

Velvet Finish Serum

Product Code: 194

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LIP Liner Pencil

Product Code: 206N

The L.I.P Liner Pencils are the perfect compliment to L.I.P Creams and GLOSSTONES by Mehron, Innovators of Extreme Beauty Makeup. The Mehron chemists have encased a long lasting creamy makeup in a pencil that enables you to define your lips without bleeding color or feathering. L.I.P Liner Pencils are available in six vibrant accenting colors, including natural, Glacier Pink, Red, Burgundy, Mandarin and Cocoa. These dynamic rich colors will highlight the natural beauty of your lips.

In continuing to grow our beauty line, by popular demand Mehron expands their LIP product line by introducing Glosstone PRO, a modern twist to Mehron’s iconic Glosstone brand. New formula, new elegant packaging and new PRO attitude. Glosstone PRO is moisturizing and non-tacky leaving the lips glossy but not greasy. This long-wearing and never-sticky formula is enriched with antioxidants of Aloe Vera and Vitamin E. Available in a clear shade to be used alone or over L.I.P Creams to add shine and additional moisture, 3 highly-pigmented matte shades and 2 sparkly shades infused with tiny light reflectors to pump up the volume creating the appearance of fuller richer lips! Glosstone PRO is packaged in a sleek modern square vial and applied with the lip applicator wand. This “shine booster” is sure to become your favorite lip gloss! SHADES: Coral Reef, Red Kiss, Pink Crush, Crystal Clear, Bubble Gum Sparkle & Golden Spark

Mehron LIP Makeup

Celebré Professional CHEEK Cream 8 Color Palette contains the rich colors of; Shell pink, geranium, pink coral, red rose, berry blush, tech orange, tawny pink, and bronze.

CHEEK Powder .12oz

Product Code: 202

Mascara by Mehron is made by employing a creamy new formula that enhances your eye lashes without clumping or caking. Our Mascara has to be a superb performer because it has been used on stages and in movie close-up for decades. Although we are constantly researching formulations for our Eye Lash Mascara it has been embraced by performing actresses for thousands of performances. Our Eye Lash Mascara is used for still photography work that shows every detail, so you know you are buying the finest in Eye Lash Mascara with Mehron. Water Resistant.

E.Y.E Powder .12oz

Product Code: 207

INtense Pressed Powder Pigments (Eye Shadow)

Product Code: 160