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Zombie Premium Character Kit

Product Code: KMP-Z

Mehron introduces its NEW Zombie Kit! Includes: Step-by-Step Instructions, 3D Gel, 2 oz. Color Cup Zombie Flesh, Bruise Ring, Colorset Powder, Powder Puff, Tooth FX in Nicotine Decay, Non-Latex Foam Sponge Applicators , Makeup Remover Pads and Cotton Tip Applicators.

The Monster/Frankenstein Character Kit by Mehron, The Leader in Theatrical Makeup since 1927, has all the professional makeup essentials you need to transform yourself into Frankenstein or the Monster of your choice. The Monster/Frankenstein Character Kit byMehron includes step by step instructions for applying the Professional Theatrical Makeup contained in this Character Makeup Kit. Mehron has put together all the required makeup you need to create a realistic Monster or Frankenstein from their extensive theatrical makeup line. With the help of Professional Makeup Artists, Mehron provides you with the professional step by step directions that will enable you to apply this makeup like the pros. The Monster/Frankenstein Character Kit by Mehron even includes the makeup remover for when the fun is over. This Makeup Kit is perfect for school stage productions or Halloween Fun.

Monster Frankenstein Character Kit

Product Code: KMP-FR

Werewolf Character Kit

Product Code: KMP-W

Mehron introduces its NEW revamped Werewolf Kit! Include: Three Color Palette, Colorset Setting Powder, Powder Puff, Spirit Gum & Remover, Tooth FX (Blood Red), Black Pencil Liner, Non-Latex Foam Wedge, Cotton Tip Applicators, Makeup Remover Pads.

Modern Vampire Character Kit

Product Code: KMP-MV

This Modern Vampire Character Kit is inspired by the new Vampire Hits, Twilight, and True Blood. These Vampires are not your mother and father's Vampires, they don't look and act like Count Dracula. Transforming into a modern vampire still requires the professional makeup made by Mehron, the Leader in Theatrical Makeup since 1927. This Modern Vampire Character Kit includes all the required makeup to become a Modern Vampire, plus it has complete step by step instructions from Makeup Artist, Stephanie Ferreira.

Evil J Villain Character Kit

Product Code: KMP-EJ

The Evil Villain has captured the minds of the public and Public Enemy # 1 is Evil J Villain. This villain is so devious not even a caped crusader can easily apprehend him. You can be Evil J. Villain at the next costume party with this Evil J. Villain Character Kit by Mehron, The Leader in Theatrical Makeup since 1927. All the professional makeup you need to become the sinister Evil J Villain is contained in this character makeup kit made by Mehron, The Performance Makeup Company. All of the Professional Makeup is included in this Evil J. Villain Character Kit by Mehron, professional Liquid Makeup, Paradise Makeup AQ and L.I.P. Color Cream. Mehron doesn't just pack all their high quality professional makeup in the box and give you a picture; we have included the Professional Applicators and step by step instructions

This Complete Pirate Character Kit by Mehron, Leaders in Theatrical Makeup since 1927, includes all the Professional Performance Makeup you will need to portray the fiercest swashbuckler of the high seas. The Pirate Character Kit comes with step by step instructions written by a Professional Makeup Artist that shows you how to apply this professional makeup to transform your modern self into a Century Buccaneer. Mehron has packed this Pirate Character Kit to include a 3-Color Palette, Tooth F-Xand even the applicators and removers needed for your Pirate performance. A mean ornery Pirate would not be fearsome without an eye patch and bandanna so Mehron has even included those along with an earring, because those mean old pirates have a thing for earrings. Johnny Depp will have nothing on you in the Makeup Department when you use the Mehron Pirate Character Kit for your next Caribbean Adventure on the High Seas. 

Pirate Premium Character Kit

Product Code: KMP-P

The Bald Cap Kit by Mehron, Leaders in Theatrical Makeup since 1927, is a complete kit enables you to transform any character into a bald character. With over eighty years of experience in theatrical makeup applications Mehron has packaged everything you need to become a realistic bald character. The Bald Cap Kit by Mehron contains a professional bald cap plus all the necessary makeup, applicators and step by step instructions needed to become a realistic bald character.

Bald Cap Character Kit

Product Code: KMP-BC

Cat/Animal Character Kit

Product Code: KMP-T

This Complete Cat/Animal Character Kit contains all the Makeup, applicators,removers and whiskers you will need to transform into a Cat or similar animal for costume activities or performances. This Complete Cat/Animal Character Kit  packaged by Mehron, Premier Professional Performance Makeup Company, includes step by step instructions with tips from Professional Performance Makeup Artists on becoming a realistic Cat or Animal using this professional makeup. 

This Complete Blue Person Character Kit by Mehron, Premier Professional Performance Makeup Company, contains step by step instructions and applicators needed to become a Blue Person. The Blue Person Character Kit contains all the professional makeup that is used by the Professional Makeup Artists on Broadway to transform their actors and actresses into the character for their performance. Are you planning a Blue Man Play? This is the kit you need to turn your performers into a Blue Man. The Complete Blue Person Character Kit is available throughout the world through Authorized Mehron Dealers.

Blue Person Premium Makeup Character Kit

Product Code: KMP-BP

Mehron Hallowen/Character Makeup Kits

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The Witch is the Classic Halloween Character. Mehron makes it easy to transform into a Witch. Mehron has been creating characters since 1927. In 1927 Mehron Makeup was used by the performers on Broadway, Vaudeville, Films and Circuses in New York City. Since 1927 Mehron has supplied the Makeup that has created thousands upon thousands of characters in every entertainment venue. Over eighty years of character experience has gone into making thisWitch Character Kit. This easy to use Witch Character Kit will transform even the most dazzling beauty into a wicked witch. Just follow the step by step instructions when applying this Professional Performance Makeup and you will become the wicked witch of the East,West, North or South. All the Professional Help you need is contained in the Witch Character Kit by Mehron.

Witch Character Kit

Product Code: KMP-W

Goth/Punk Character Kit

Product Code: KMP-GP

The Complete Goth/Punk Character Kit features all the essential makeup and accessories to create a Goth/Punk costume for Halloween or any costume party. Although it is a Character Kit, you can add all the individuality you want when using the various makeup, nail polish, lip liner and applicators to accomplish your ultimate Gothic character. Included in the Complete Goth/Punk Character Kit are step by step instructions on how to apply all the ingredients of a Gothic or Punk character. The Complete Goth/Punk Character Kit has all the necessities, including Gothic/Punk jewelry, but there is plenty of room in these character kits for the imagination. This Complete Goth/Punk Character Kit is made by Mehron, the Leader in Theatrical Makeup since 1927.

Skeleton Character Kit

Product Code: KMP-S

This Complete Skeleton Character Kit contains all the professional makeup, applicators and removers needed to create a Skeleton Character for Stage, Screen or Costumes. The Complete Skeleton Character Kit  is packaged by Mehron with their Professional Theatrical Makeup that has been used by Professional Performers since 1927. Mehron has included Step by Step instructions for you in this Complete Skeleton Character Kit.

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Each of our Tri-Color Palette makeup contains three complementing colors of our Professional Cream Makeup to create the Character pictured on the blister card. The blister card of each Tri-Color Palette gives you a detailed photo of the character that can be created along with detailed instructions on how to apply the Professional Cream Makeup in your Tri-Color Palette. Each blister card also lists items that will compliment the character that you are creating. These Tri-Color Makeup Character Palettes are fun and easy to use. As with any Professional Cream Makeup, Mehron's Tri-Color makeup must be 'set' with Colorset Powder.

Tri-Color Palette

Product Code: 403-C