Barrier Spray

Product Code: 145

This is the larger 1.4 oz size of Paradise Makeup AQ. the semi-soft; water activated moist cake makeup co-created with Mehron by Jinny HouleWorld Renowned Body Painting Artist. The Paradise Makeup AQ cake makeup is the Makeup that thrust Body Painting into a new dimension with its wide selection of dynamic colors. Because it is water activated, the hues of the colors can be controlled by the artist. Professional Body Painters and Face Painters love the ease of application and the ability to fully control the depth of the colors. The larger 1.4 oz size of Paradise Makeup AQ available here is great for Professional Applications or larger Body Painting and Face Painting Events. Mehron manufactures Paradise Makeup AQ with a color consistency unsurpassed in the world of body makeup.

Paradise Makeup AQ™ - Professional Size

Product Code: 800

This ultra fine Metallic Powder Makeup enables you to create dramatic makeup designs and effects. The soft Metallic Powder Makeup made by MehronLeaders in Theatrical Makeup since 1927, is finely crafted and evenly blended to provide you with the best available accenting powder on the market. The Metallic Powder formulated by the researchers of Mehron is currently available in Gold, Silver, Cooper, and Bronze allowing you to add dynamic shiny powder to any makeup look. This ultra fine, silky smooth Metallic Powder can be used dry or combine it with Mehron Mixing Liquid to form a water-based metallic liquid makeup. The dynamic effects of Metallic Makeup Powder can be used in body painting, face painting, costume makeup, character makeup and sexy evening makeup.

Metallic Powder

Product Code: 129

Shine on with Celebre Precious Gem Powders developed by Mehron, Innovators of Extreme Beauty Makeup. Celebre Precious Gem Powders are luminescent, radiant, sexy,glowing powders that will add a jewel like luster to your skin. these sparkling powders are made with a soft, silky powder that can be applied from head to tow for any occasion. Add a beautiful shimmer to skin for parties, dinners, professional performances or romantic evenings at home. Celebre Precious Gem Powders are Mehron's addition to their Studio and Stage Makeup Collection line made for stars like you. These silky, soft powders are available in birthstone colors. Available in 17 colors.

Precious Gem Powder .17oz

Product Code: 203

Mehron Stage Makeup

The Leader in Professional Makeup Innovation since 1927

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Barrier Spray™ was developed as an under base for 3-D Gelatin appliances to increase durability. Barrier Spray™ by Mehron is "wonder spray" that also works to insulate sensitive skin from harsh adhesives. Barrier Spray™   may be misted on top of finished powder makeup to set and preserve the makeup application. Barrier Spray™ can be used under makeup to stop sweat or over makeup to set it after applying ColorSet Powder. Barrier Spray™ is another innovation of Mehron, Premier Performance Makeup.   2 oz. Spray Pump Bottle

Mixing Liquid

Product Code: 129M

Our NEW Improved Mixing Liquid now contains Fixative. This Mixing Liquid is a liquid base for mixing with dry pigments such as our Metallic Powders. Create a liquid application that dries completely with our Mixing Liquid and dry color pigments. The Mixing Liquid holds for extended periods of time but still washes off easily with soap and water. The Mixing Liquid enables you to make unique liquid makeup for special projects in body painting and face painting. This Mixing Liquid is available here in a 4.5 oz bottle or in a 1 Gallon Jug for large users such as theater productions, body painting or face painting.

A semi-soft, water activated, moist cake makeup single refills for the Paradise Makeup AQ 8-color Palette. 

Available in 40 wonderful colors. Replenish your Palette with the most used colors.

Paradise Makeup AQ™ - Single Refills

Product Code: 801

Add sparkle and life to your designs with the intense colors of Paradise Makeup AQ Glitter.

Available in 13 colors: Black, deacon blue, purple, fuchsia, green, gold, red, silver, white, orange, pink, sky blue, & pricillia fuchsia.

Paradise Glitter

Product Code: 827

A semi-soft, water activated, moist cake makeup in a convenient 8-color palette. Available in a basic color, pastel color, tropical color, or metallic color configuration. Purchase an empty palette and custom build your own palette using the 8-color Palette refills.

Basic Series - black, white, red, yellow, dark blue, dark green, orange, dark brown.

Pastel Series - light pink, light green, light brown, light blue, dark [ink, purple, teal, violet.

Tropical Series - beach berry, amazon green, lagoon blue, lime, mango, coral, storm cloud, wild orchid.

Nuance Series - felou, deep sea, sky, dijon, olive, foxy, porto, mauve.

Metallic Series - gold medal metallic, silver bullet metallic, copper penny metallic, bronze star metallic, hot rod green metallic, cherry bomb red metallic, sunset orange metallic, blue steel metallic.

Brilliant Series  - gold dore, silver argente, purple violine, green vert bouteille, orange r, dark blue azur, light blue bebe, fuschia

Paradise Makeup AQ ( 8 Color Palette)

Product Code: 808

INtense Pro Pressed Powder Pigment (8 Color Palette)

Product Code: 160

Mehron’s INtense PRO™ Pressed Pigments are super long-lasting matte finish shadows that are edgy, bright, and sophisticated. Our pigment rich, high-performing shadows offer an essential range of intense hues and a velvety matte texture. Formulated without shimmer, these completely matte shades have an incredible silky finish which allows for amazing color payoff. 

Available in 32 individual colors and also in the following INtense Pro 8 color palettes
Earth - includes the colors: Red Earth, Desert Sand, Earth Crust, Mountain Moss, Carbon, Graphite, Night Sky, and Morning Sky.
Wind - includes the colors: Hurricane Blue, Island Breeze, Palm, Turbulent, Tornado, Solar Wind, Ocean Breeze, and Tropical Storm. 
Fire - includes the colors: Ignite, Purple Heat, Fire Island, Electric Green, Pure Lightening, Hot Pink, Inferno, and Yellow Spark.